Many thanks to global buyers for choosing keyde® products

We provide you with the following warranty service


Warranty is limited to the first buyer or designated dealer

The warranty cannot be transferred to a third party. (except as specified by both parties)

Other circumstances are handled in accordance with the agreement between the two parties.


Product warranty period:

In accordance with local laws and reasonable normal use, the warranty period of S100 and S110 series motors is 30 months from the date of production (subject to product serial number, the same as below);

The warranty period of 100, 110 series motor; 10.5A battery warranty period is 24 months; 7Ah battery warranty period is 18 months; other accessories warranty period is 12 months.


Warranty exclusions:

1. The product has been modified or repaired without the authorization of Keyde;

2. For rental, commercial, self-modification and competitive purposes;

3. The damage is caused by the following reasons: including but not limited to accidents, abuse, negligence, abnormal installation, abnormal repairs, abnormal maintenance, alterations, modifications or other excessive or abnormal use.

4. The damages suffered during transportation shall be determined in accordance with the International Trade Terms Interpretation.

5. The appearance damage or degradation caused by surface polishing, beautification, etc.

6.The damage caused by improper transportation or storage by the buyer.

7. The damage caused by unreasonable user configuration or unauthorized modification of related accessory parameters.

8. Use third-party external controller.

9. The damaged parts were purchased by Keyde on request, but not manufactured by Keyde.

10. The damage caused by force majeure.