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  • TFT LCD display

  • Item no.: TFT850C
    3.2inch IPS screen
    24V/33V/36V/battery supply
    Rated operating current : 40mA
    Max operating current : 100mA (36V battery, with USB equipment changed)
    USB changing port : 5V 500mA
    Off leakage current < 1uA
    Max output current to controller : 100mA
    Operating temperature : -20~70℃
    Storage temperature : -30~80℃
--High-contrast 3.2inch IPS colorful matrix screen
--Suitable for low temperature,Max -20℃
--Ergonomic external button design, easy to operate
--Speed display : AVG SPEED, MAX SPEED, SPEED(Real-time)
--Kilometer / Mile : Can be set according to customers’ habits
--Smart battery indicator : Provide a reliable battery indicator
--5-level backlight brightness adjustment: according to customer preferences set the backlight brightness, level 1 is the darkest, level 5 is the brightest
--9-level Assist : 3-level/5-level/9-level optional
--Mileage indicator : Odometer/Trip distance/ Clock/ Riding time
--Time indicator: built-in battery, provide a time indicator
--Power indicator : real time power indicator, digital or analog
--Error code indicator
--Software upgraded : Software can be upgraded through UART
--USB charging port : 5V/500mA
Dimensions & Material
Product shell is ABS, transparent window is made with high strength Acrylic

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