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  • SKR360

  • Our conversion kit SKR360 for electric bicycle adopts super-mini motor, high-strength spokes mounted wheel rim, big capacity water bottle shaped battery with weight of 1.6kg and intelligent LED regulator+LCD display, which is suitable for bicycle lovers who can not mount the spokes to convert the bicycle into e bike by themselves. Though the wheel rim is different from the original one, it can resolve the difficulty of mounting spokes. It’s easy to convert, time and energy saving.


  • Items         Description Weight
    Electromechanical integrated Disc-brake motor
    Diameter: 100mm         
    Width: 135mm
    Power: 250~350W       
    Voltage: 33V
    Revolution: 160-260r/min    
    Efficiency ≥85%
    Rims High-strength steel spokes 0.9kg
    Bottle shaped li-ion battery Voltage: 33V            
    Capacity: 10.8Ah  
    Hight: 290mm        
    Outer diameter: 72mm
    Cycle life ≥500 times
    Range: 75km
    Battery charger Input voltage: AC100-240v/50-60Hz
    Output voltage: 37.8V
    Output current: 3A
    LED regulator+LCD display Remaining power display, power ratio adjustment and other 17 functions 0.05kg
       Connecting wire Waterproof
    General length: 15mm

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