Rear motor
  • New Rear Electromechanical integrated motor

  • Our newly developed intelligent rear disc-brake motor adopts integrated compact and efficient design,which reduces the installation space. It’s brushless and toothless. The motor integrates 10Ah battery with Panasonic cells, intelligent BMS system for battery, sinus wave controller and sensor. The motor is connected to the display via wireless bluetooth module4.0, it makes the installation simpler and easier. The motor has protection functions such as over temperature, overspeed, overload, undervoltage, overvoltage, etc.. It makes the riding more secure. Benefit from the redesign and optimization of the internal structure, the motor gains stronger power and maintains high efficient output of more than 88% under high torque operation.
 Specification S110SWXRDC
 Diameter (mm) 158
 Width (mm) 135±2
Applicable flywheel Cassette flywheel
Rated output power (W)   250
 Maximum output power (W) 500
Maximum output torque(Nm) 25
Reduction ratio 13.5:1
 Rated voltage (V)      30
 Rated input current (A) 9.4
Maximum current(A) 8-12
  Efficiency (%)     ≥88
 Rated revolution (r/min) 160-260
 Weight (Kg) 3.6