Rear motor
  • Rear Electromechanical integrated V-brake motor

  • Our newly developed intelligent rear V-brake motor (110mm diameter) is brushless and gearless. The motor is internally installed controller and speed sensor, so it will be able to work just adding an external battery. The motor owns strong climbing ability and the the reduction ratio has reached up to 1:13.5. The high integration structure reduces the installation space and line losses, which also makes the assembly more convenient. And the motor is more powerful, more efficient. Its peak efficiency has reached more than 85%.
 Specification 110SWXRC36 110SWXRC33  110SWXRC24
 Diameter (mm) 110
 Width (mm) 135±2
Applicable flywheel Cassette flywheel
Rated output power (W)  250
 Maximum output power (W) 500
Maximum output torque(Nm) 25
 Rated voltage (V)     36 33 24
 Rated input current (A) 8.7 9.5 13
Maximum current(A) 8-12 8-13 10-15
Static current(mA) <2 <2 <2
  Efficiency (%)    >=85 >=85 >=85
 Rated revolution (r/min) 160-260 160-260 160-260
 Weight (Kg) 2.3 2.3 2.3

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